vrijdag 14 september 2012

[WEAL 18393] Cliché – Blue Bird

 Great Belgian disco 7" I found a couple a weeks ago at a second hand store in my old hometown. The A side doesn't do it for me, but the B side "Sexy Girl" is sexy indeed and super catchy too! Re-edit by Loud-E in 2007. Enjoy the original here.Discogs

woensdag 22 augustus 2012

[MFP records/Doglau Records] Pop Jawa

Found a bunch of Surinam Jawa pop records at a second hand shop here in Rotterdam. Usually this shop only has stacks of James Last records, tons of classical music and even more Schlager compilations. So i was quite happy to find these. Didn't really know what to expect but the titles seemed Indonesian and since my girlfriend is really into Krontjong music I didn't have to think twice about picking these up. And am quite happy about that. Some of them I didn't enjoy that much (I've listed them on ebay now). But the ones I posted here are really nice. It's mainly soul with a krontjong vibe and even has some funky synth bits! If anyone has more information about these artists or labels please let me know.
More info:
MFP records

vrijdag 17 augustus 2012

[Novoton IST 103] Carissima - Bubu

Synth record I found some time ago. By Reinhold Sobotta of the German Krautrock band Birth Control 
The record includes what for me personaly is best described as 80s sitcom/tv show library music.. So if you ever feel the need to get that kind of vibe in your home while cooking, cleaning, doing dishes or whatever, here's your chance. Enjoy / Buy

maandag 6 augustus 2012

[FAC Records - FLP 011] Quicksilver - Calypso King Of Aruba

Because Iam re uploading and sorting out the rest of the blog I found this rip i did some time ago and apparently forgot to post.. It's a great calypso record. By Quicksilver who calls himself the Calypso King so it has to be good. Enjoy!!  Discogs

Prem Bissumbhar ‎– For You From Me For Always

Here's a record I bought at a local fleemarket a few weeks ago. Mainly picked it up because of the sleeve as usual ;) On the sleeve it says "This record is played by only professional musicians" so my expectations were high...But I'am not so sure what to think of the music. It has some nice arpeggio synth parts but overall it's a bit cartoony imho. But still worth a listen..I guess..The guy who sold it to me had some other great records (mainly reggae, soca, calypso) of which i will share some in the future.
Can't find much information about this record or Prem Bissumbhar except for this discogs link.

zondag 5 augustus 2012

Ebay + Blog Update

Selling some spare records on ebay at the moment. Including some stuff I blogged about (like the great Galaxia 2000)
Check it out here.
Will add some new stuff to the blog in the near future. and i will also replace all dead links.
More sooooon.

Update: I just reuploaded: Călin Ioachimescu / Şerban Nichifor - Oratio II / Magic Spell / Miss Christina (Excerpts)

maandag 23 april 2012

[VR 0131089] Mario Mathy – Dreamscape

Found this album in a second hand shop in Belgium and mainly bought it because it has a dude sitting inbetween a bunch of Casio gear on the cover and on the back it says that the whole album is made only with Casio gear. The album itself is 80s electronic music a gogo from ballads to italo disco-ish, new beat-ish tracks.It doesnt get more Euro sounding than this. I never heard the name Mario Mathy before but it seems he has quite alot of followers online there's even a Mario Mathy Revival Society on facebook and a hyves fanpage. It seems he did some comeback shows in his own snackbar a couple of years ago. I also read on one of the fanpages that his music still gets used as background music on several pirate radio stations.