maandag 31 augustus 2009

[HDD 583] Les Aiglons - Le Disque des Vacances

I found this great record a few weeks ago and wanted to rip & share it with you, but after a google search i found this great blog had beat me to it.

Check it out it's worth it. [HDD 583] Les Aiglons - Le Disque des

[KR 5717] Kees Jagessar introducing Roy Jaggan

Surinam/Hindustan Record with great synth parts. Mainly bought this because of the picture of one of the musicians sitting behind a Roland Juno 60.

I was searching for some more info on this record but the only thing i could find was that Kees Jagessar is now the manager/singer of The Indian Orchestra


zondag 30 augustus 2009

[6005 269] Soulful Dynamics - Dying snowman.

Ok i know this isn't going to be the best post on my blog (especially since i havent posted anything for such a long time) but i couldn't resist buying/posting this. The cover is great and in combination with the lyrics it's even greater. Only shame is that the music isn't really doing it for me :P