dinsdag 2 maart 2010

[PB-7691] Natura / Carlos Attias - Supersonic Man / On My Way

Found this 7" a couple of months ago on a market in Barcelona. Mainly bought it because of the nice sleeve. I never heard of this movie nor did i ever hear this track but after hearing the A side (don't like the B side that much) and seeing the trailer i need to get my hands on a VHS of this film. The track is amazing and will stick in your head for days !

maandag 1 maart 2010

[APR 49] Izzanelli - Samy Wathson - April Orchestra Vol. 49

Absolutely amazing record in the cbs library series April orchestra. Imo no dull track !! Made by (ex) members of the band Space . Roland Romanelli also worked on the By The Savers - Help Me 7" wich i posted earlier on this blog.