donderdag 18 juni 2009

Puppet covers

I Have a thing for puppets ehm well covers with puppets on them. And last queensday (traditional dutch holiday where most streets turn into a giant fleamarket) i found some nice ones.
I guess they're Argentinian. This one is the "best" one it's called "Mis Canciones" the cover has a quite disturbing mouse on it the recording is as disturbing and sometimes even annoying, But it made me laugh a few times even though i couldn't understand a single word they were saying. If anyone has more info or even videos of this character please let me know :) enjoy?

Second one is less disturbing and to be honest i'am quite happy that someone else took the time to rip this, after about 25 minutes of "Mis Canciones" i think i had enough :P But if you're up for more get it here

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  1. The mouse is the famous TOPO GIGIO, known in ITALY, SPAIN and Latin America.

    And PETETE was a famous character in ARGENTINA and other South-American countries.


  2. Thank you for the information :D greetings Tommy

  3. HI!
    you have to search "topo gigio lp" o ebay.
    It's a famous pappet from italy (prbably the one in the images you posted)


  4. There was the "Fat Record of Petete" (El disco gordo de Petete) and even today is "The fat book of Petete" online, which I used to have on paper when I was a child... it chatted of everything, from physics to chemestry... even astronomy... enjoy!!