maandag 1 maart 2010

[APR 49] Izzanelli - Samy Wathson - April Orchestra Vol. 49

Absolutely amazing record in the cbs library series April orchestra. Imo no dull track !! Made by (ex) members of the band Space . Roland Romanelli also worked on the By The Savers - Help Me 7" wich i posted earlier on this blog.


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  1. Another April Orchestra album I have been scanning the event horizon for! The albums are so hit and miss which is to be expected given the fact "April Orchestra" are this umbrella term for an incredibly wide spectrum of musical styles...but occasionally you hit paydirt and out pops cosmic gold like this one! Thanks so much for sharing, I haven't seen it on the other Library blogs!
    There is an April Orchestra album that the French god Bernard Fevre (of Black Devil fame) did, cannot remember off the top of my head what No. it is, but if anyone knows where I can get a copy of that album, I will praise you until you bleed ;)

  2. Thank you. Great looking album and blog.

  3. Link still works - THANKS!