maandag 23 april 2012

[VR 0131089] Mario Mathy – Dreamscape

Found this album in a second hand shop in Belgium and mainly bought it because it has a dude sitting inbetween a bunch of Casio gear on the cover and on the back it says that the whole album is made only with Casio gear. The album itself is 80s electronic music a gogo from ballads to italo disco-ish, new beat-ish tracks.It doesnt get more Euro sounding than this. I never heard the name Mario Mathy before but it seems he has quite alot of followers online there's even a Mario Mathy Revival Society on facebook and a hyves fanpage. It seems he did some comeback shows in his own snackbar a couple of years ago. I also read on one of the fanpages that his music still gets used as background music on several pirate radio stations.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. kapsel van Adam Curry, sorry hoor maar deze durf ik niet te dwl :)
    doe dan nog maar wat van die cheezy hindustani pop! keep them comin' its fun

    1. Begrijpelijk hahaha Check de nieuwste post misschien meer iets voor jou ;)