dinsdag 3 maart 2009

Arjune Popo - Dance with Arjune Popo [AP 2259]

My first post here is a rip of this great Arjune Popo album. Found it on the weekly second hand market in Rotterdam. When you see the sleeve and the titles you understand why i couldn't resist buying this treasure. When i came home and played the 1st track "Disco Baby" it was love at first hearing ! This tune is great and will stick in your head for years. The rest of the album is nice too but doesnt live up to the power of "Disco Baby" although the ballad "Oh Baby" is a beauty too! Can't find any information about Arjune and if he done more next to this record, if anyone has any info on him please let me know. The record is a private pressing i think the catalog # is AP 2259 and am guessing AP stands for Arjune Popo. There is an adress on the sleeve for Andre record center in Rotterdam but i guess there's not much information to get there anymore ;) Ok enough talking enjoy the record !! here

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  1. the program you are using (rapidshare) is ok because i don't have to sign in or register but because i've already used it i have to wait 15 minutes before trying again. worth the wait, i guess.

  2. Bravo for discovering this mastertune!
    (PS Hey Steffi, I'm a new reader of your blog, it seems they've taken it down! What's up?

  3. check dizz out: http://soundcloud.com/tracks/search?q[fulltext]=mulo+danz+&q[type]=&q[duration]=

  4. Hello! I want to download this album, but where is the download button?
    DJSergio from Salonica, Greece.-

  5. Sorry, i didn't notice the word "here". OK now, i got the file, thanx.