zondag 22 maart 2009

Galaxia 2000 - Peso di sodade [Hernandez records 2432]

This synthy soca record i found yesterday at the recycle shop that opened around the corner of my home some time ago. It was the sleeve that made me instantly curious and was well suprised when i put the record on when arived home. (well with a name like galaxia 2000 you can't go wrong isn't it?) I couldnt find any information on this record (only an old ebay link) enjoy

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  1. No reaction/comments since March 2009??
    It was time to change that. I just download it and like you say with a title like that, for cosmic lovers, wow. When listened to it, I'll be back (probably!) anyway, thank you for your ripping job, it's more work than with CD, GREETZ!

    And thank you very much!



  2. Well... I let the other people judge by themselves!

  3. Junk or Treasure ?
    I'll go for Treasure!

    So weird.. weird music, that's it..


  4. Wow! Feed me weird things! A new direction in strange and beautiful cosmic music, thank god for your discerning eye scanning the recycle shop, I know I would have done the same "Galaxia 2000", with a name like that how can you go wrong! Another Treasure! (As always!)

  5. This album have another edition with Label: Arsom Records - Portugal 1982.
    Hi this group is from Cape Verde Island (west africa). The language on his music is criol capeverdean (portuguese+language native slave afrikan). Look my site with the older music from Cape Verde and modern music. www.cvmusic.forumbom.com