vrijdag 6 maart 2009

Monroe - Polio for the people [SHOL2740]

Bought this 7" when i was about 12 years old in the local secondhand recordshop in Middelburg (portobello) . I bought it cause the sleeve and te title made me laugh. Later on i discovered this band was from the same area as where i grew up and saw their singer (Jaap Van Boven) play several times with his punk(cover)band Swindle. The copy i bought had already quite a few crackles back than and nowadays it sounds like it's recorded next to a campfire :P but still i think it's worthwhile to share especially the B side disco fever wich after all these years still is the A side for me. oh and Polio for the people skips once :S (damn) anyway... enjoy

"Legendary punk-rock cult-band from the Netherlands (Vlissingen, Zeeland), fronted by singer Jaap van Boven. They only released one single (Polio For The People / Disco Fever)in 1978. The single was very controversial. Around that time there was an outbreak of polio in the orthodox-protestant community in the province of Zeeland, because they refused vaccinations because of their belief. The picture sleeve showed the band around an open grave, with Jaap taking a crap on the coffin. “Is God your Shepherd, who commands… The Wheelchair dealer rubs his hands” is a classic line from the song’s lyrics. Jaap van Boven would later re-emerge in several other bands (such as Het Elektrisch Combo) and is still active in the local music scene." from http://www.last.fm/music/Monroe

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  1. hey tommy! leuk om te checken dit! keep it coming zie je de 14e in worm!

    Gr, Jorrit

  2. héhé "Polio for the people" op het net!!! en op de foto de kont van mijn compagnon :-) en dat gezichtje is het gezichtje van zijn dochter Brigitte.;-)